Profile and Presence

Seaways Africa logistics (SAL) is the dedicated division of Seaways Group, overseeing the Africa operations. SAL was established in 2012 and is responsible for strengthening the presence of the Group in the African continent with focus on executing door-to-door shipments. Over these years, the SAL team has grown to gain the critical expertise to handle various types of cargoes including – containers, air cargo, dry bulk, liquid bulk, break bulk, and project cargoes. Till date, SAL has executed numerous challenging shipments in East, central and Southern African countries.


SAL brings deep rooted expertise in connecting customers from various countries in Asia and Europe to the deep hinterlands of Africa. Equipped with the ground-level knowledge about the African topography, the people and handling of various ports and government departments in different countries, SAL excels in handling containerized cargo, LCL consolidations, break bulk cargo and project cargo to various countries including South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Malawi, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania among others.


Having executed shipments in several countries, SAL has further reinforced its presence by establishing a full-fledged office in Lusaka, Zambia.

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